I’ve been relieved of my duties at the place that employed me since 2012. I seen it coming yet didn’t. I was a great employee they say. I was always on time never called in until two days ago with the excuse of court duties. I went over and beyond the call of duty more than often. I’m from the old school class; meaning if you work hard, show up for work, and do what you are told you can keep your job and excel. New school: have no work ethic its all about who you know, who you sleep with and whose derriere you kiss. I was taught by my dear mother to never ever kiss anyone derriere under any circumstance not even hers so with that being said I don’t and wont. I know I am not the only person in this country or even this world that as these morals. Well, I’ve made it up in my mind to focus on what is most important to me and tackle my goals head on.  I am teaching an awesome group of children ages ranging from 1 to 16 years the principles of the bible, reading, writing,and life skills etc. When I look at the children and their eagerness to want to learn about the Bible and how to deal with life situation’s as children gives me so much  hope and joy to be apart of their lives. I am happy and it will be very pleasing journey with the children and finding another job But most of all I am still learning to be mature in life circumstance as they continue to unfold in my life.