it was a year of finding out that everything that I set out to do I did not. I reopen some doors that should have stay shut. I believed in that which was not true. I lusted for lies, deception, and cruel behavior. I double talked the whole year through. I saw the real me and did not like it. I began some change in my life it writ the wrong. I enjoin another church; two of them. I allowed myself to be treated like a good time girl; when I know I am wonderfully made woman. I played myself cheap settle for a few hits from and on worthy suitor. I got a great job not asking for it but being blessed with it. I became a grandmother, found out by the way of reality television;wow that was a shocker. I realized that I am truly(as my daughter would say) “Rarity at Best”.  I drink way to much coffee should own socks in Starbucks,Barnes & Nobel, Family Video, Texas Roadhouse, Red Lobster, Speedway, and Comfort Inn Suites. Lost  a lot of unwanted weight made a lot of enemies at my job because of my happiness; imagine that. Met some very nice and mean people. Learned of a better to handle adversities and smile when I am hurting which is very hard to do. Realized that without begin obedient my life sucked big time. Learn of some world changers; and it made me wanna change;which I will.Plan on writing everyday to get me ready for a very busy New Year; as the group TLC would say ‘No more Scrubs! well Its about to be the count down and I need to get ready to meet some friends to celebrate life coming in a new year. Talk back next year looking forward to a Great Year in the 1 QUAD.