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Your giving is measure by the heart thats behind it. If you give grudgely it better that you not give at all. Because what you give does not fulfill its purpose for the need. When you have a bad heart in giving. To give is to be of good cheer during adverse times. When there’s really no room for you to give. Charity is love and if you dont give out of Love then your not giving. Your perpetrating a fraud. Don’t give with an ulterior motive because that giving is in vain . We should give out of faith and out of pain. To me thats the true way of giving. Give your talents, time ,energy, money, ear to listen, give all your substance and I guarantee that you will become a better person your out look on life will change and people can benfits from it. Dont be forced to give let it be a way of life others will love you for it. And please dont give looking for a gift from those who you give to That would just mean that you give out a loan. Well just think about it.