New Year Me…

Today is the day that I have decided to juice and eat right along with blogging for a whole year. That’s 365 days of telling of my journey towards eating right and exercising. My goal is to achieve a changed environment. Improve my writing skills and exactly start something and seeing it through. It will be a great journey I believe and I will pray to keep it going till the end.

Relieved and not Stressed

I’ve been relieved of my duties at the place that employed me since 2012. I seen it coming yet didn’t. I was a great employee they say. I was always on time never called in until two days ago with the excuse of court duties. I went over and beyond the call of duty more than often. I’m from the old school class; meaning if you work hard, show up for work, and do what you are told you can keep your job and excel. New school: have no work ethic its all about who you know, who you sleep with and whose derriere you kiss. I was taught by my dear mother to never ever kiss anyone derriere under any circumstance not even hers so with that being said I don’t and wont. I know I am not the only person in this country or even this world that as these morals. Well, I’ve made it up in my mind to focus on what is most important to me and tackle my goals head on.  I am teaching an awesome group of children ages ranging from 1 to 16 years the principles of the bible, reading, writing,and life skills etc. When I look at the children and their eagerness to want to learn about the Bible and how to deal with life situation’s as children gives me so much  hope and joy to be apart of their lives. I am happy and it will be very pleasing journey with the children and finding another job But most of all I am still learning to be mature in life circumstance as they continue to unfold in my life.    

The ending of 2013

it was a year of finding out that everything that I set out to do I did not. I reopen some doors that should have stay shut. I believed in that which was not true. I lusted for lies, deception, and cruel behavior. I double talked the whole year through. I saw the real me and did not like it. I began some change in my life it writ the wrong. I enjoin another church; two of them. I allowed myself to be treated like a good time girl; when I know I am wonderfully made woman. I played myself cheap settle for a few hits from and on worthy suitor. I got a great job not asking for it but being blessed with it. I became a grandmother, found out by the way of reality television;wow that was a shocker. I realized that I am truly(as my daughter would say) “Rarity at Best”.  I drink way to much coffee should own socks in Starbucks,Barnes & Nobel, Family Video, Texas Roadhouse, Red Lobster, Speedway, and Comfort Inn Suites. Lost  a lot of unwanted weight made a lot of enemies at my job because of my happiness; imagine that. Met some very nice and mean people. Learned of a better to handle adversities and smile when I am hurting which is very hard to do. Realized that without begin obedient my life sucked big time. Learn of some world changers; and it made me wanna change;which I will.Plan on writing everyday to get me ready for a very busy New Year; as the group TLC would say ‘No more Scrubs! well Its about to be the count down and I need to get ready to meet some friends to celebrate life coming in a new year. Talk back next year looking forward to a Great Year in the 1 QUAD.

Giving should be from the Heart;the question is what kind of Heart do you have when you give?


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Your giving is measure by the heart thats behind it. If you give grudgely it better that you not give at all. Because what you give does not fulfill its purpose for the need. When you have a bad heart in giving. To give is to be of good cheer during adverse times. When there’s really no room for you to give. Charity is love and if you dont give out of Love then your not giving. Your perpetrating a fraud. Don’t give with an ulterior motive because that giving is in vain . We should give out of faith and out of pain. To me thats the true way of giving. Give your talents, time ,energy, money, ear to listen, give all your substance and I guarantee that you will become a better person your out look on life will change and people can benfits from it. Dont be forced to give let it be a way of life others will love you for it. And please dont give looking for a gift from those who you give to That would just mean that you give out a loan. Well just think about it.

To serve and to be of service that is the question.


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To be of service and the art of serving as its techinque and should be studied before one becomes a server of any magintude of serving whether its at a resturant, friends or familyor in any type of public manner. You must first have a will to want to serve people. you should hone proper people skills. Have a great sense of people simply because there are all types some are nice, nice-nasty, mean, too excited, to passive or too aggressive…etc. So you must treat people according to how you want to be treated at  all times and show no partality towards people and that way you end up treating people all the same.Never treat people the way they treat you you treat them better. No matter how they treat you.Remember you dont know who is watching and what effect you have on peole that could change them for the rest of thier lives. Just think about it.